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Natalie julho 17, 2008

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Continuing my reflections from the last entry, I must talk about Natalie’s photo shoot session.  I’d already seen Pea Pod’s work around town.  It always catches my interest but I never took action.  Last month I stopped procrastinating and scheduled a session. I must admit the pictures are just divine.

Heather, Pea Pod’s photographer and owner, was extremelly caring, patient and fun.  She even played Xuxa’s CD.  The result: Amazing pictures that reflect my princess’ spirit.  Natalie played, got serious, smiled timidly, sang, became charmed by the string on her dress, found pockets on her pants…  Ultimately, the picture above is one of the ones I liked the best.

To me, the proof that these pictures touch hearts was seeing Christopher happy and enraptured with the proofs.  He supported my decision of doing the shooting and even bought a picture for his office.  We scheduled two more shootings (one for us and the other for our baby boy).  I guess, in a way, we were able to freeze a moment in time, this time which never stops.

To see more pictures, go to, click on proofs and the password is Natalie. 


One Response to “Natalie”

  1. Anônimo Says:

    Every girl deserves a book of great pictures to show off – and you’re starting early with Nat. I loved the pictures.
    By the way, have you chosen the name yet?
    Miss y’all! Love.
    –Monica Mariano

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