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Natalie is torn dezembro 4, 2008

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During the pregnancy we did our best to get Natalie involved in the baby’s arrival.  Now it’s paying off. There’s no doubt Natalie adores her little brother.  If he starts to cry she runs to get his pacifier.  She wants to be in everything that involves Nicholas.  She wants to put him in the swing, move him to the stroller, push the stroller, help give him a bath (where she ends up as wet as him), dry him, change his clothes… Changing his diaper is an event!  Before I can lay him down on the changing table Natalie is already on her stool, with a clean diaper in her hand and  the diaper rash cream on her finger to put on Nick’s bottom!

On the other hand, she misses being the center of attention.    For us to notice her, where once upon a time we had a princess now we have a whining, desobedient brat.  It’s as if she’d forgotten everything we taught her, everything she knew how to do by herself.  Where using the bathroom was “I do it by myself” now is “I need help!!”  It seems she forgot how to eat, how to put on her clothes, how to do a puzzle, now to clean up… But if I’m breastfeeding, there’s no way I run to the bathroom to help her. She’s been getting extra attention from vovó, her Brazilian grandmother, but sometimes that’s not enough.  So, there have been a few difficult moments.

Sometimes I feel for my dear daughter.  I tried to help her become independent so she wouldn’t need me as much when Nicholoas arrived, As vezes sinto pena da minha querida filha.  but she’s only a little girl.  Natalie is not even 3 yet and still needs her mommy.  When Nicholas falls asleep I take the time to interact with her.  I always find some time to play alone with her.  I always tuck her in at night. I’m grateful my mom is here to play, talk, read and draw with Natalie.  I’m also grateful my wonderful husband is a very present daddy/man in our lives.


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